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The middle school students will study earth, life and physical science.  The sixth grade students will study earth science  and will have an overview of meteorology, geology, astronomy and oceanography.  In seventh grade they will study life science which will give them a glimpse into living organisms, cells, heredity ecosystems and biological evolution.  In eigth grade  they study physical science.  This course is a combination of physics and chemistry. It explores the big ideas of matter, energy and forces of nature.
The Science Department
6th Grade        Beverly Smith
                        Akiem Guiden
                        Kwame Brew-Adams
                        Shanera Brown   
7th Grade        Kandy Collins-Luton
                        Jazmyne Godbold
                        Melanie Gatlin
                   Josolyn Solomon 

8th Grade        Eric Taylor
                        Roderick Pitchford
                        Batson Brentnold
                        Katheryne Shelborne

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