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Lithonia Middle School

Dekalb County Schools


Home of our Future Scientists
The middle school students will study earth, life and physical science.  6th grade students will study Earth Science and will have an overview of meteorology, geology, astronomy, and oceanography.  7th grade students will study Life Science, which will give them a glimpse into living organisms, cells, heredity, ecosystems, and biological evolution.  In 8th grade, students will study Physical Science, which is a combination of physics and chemistry. It explores the big ideas of matter, energy, and forces of nature. Hands-on, student-centered, and inquiry-based approaches should be the emphasis of instruction. The standards are a required minimum set of expectations that show proficiency in science.
6th Grade       
Willie Dixon 
Vincent Evans
Roderick Pitchford
Beverly Smith
7th Grade  
LeAmber Brooks
Stacy Brookshire
Melanie Gatlin
Tina Wilkins (Interrelated)

8th Grade
Jazmine Godbold-Merritt
Kandy Collins
Keisha Felder
Joslyn Solomon (Interrelated)